Schooling Monsters

Here’s another dark and dusty item from my draft closet.

I’ve been engaging in a little approach/avoidance dance with Sue Klebold’s new book “A Mother’s Reckoning”, trying to decide if it is in my best interest to sit still and look it square in the face.
I point no blame at Sue Klebold, just as I have never felt Nancy Lanza was to blame for what became of her son. It’s just that I’m afraid reading her book will raise intense feelings that may batter my sensibilities without leaving me any better equipped to move forward. Continue reading “Schooling Monsters”

labeling experience as disease

Here’s another one written a long time ago. This is like cleaning out a closet. Publish!

I was so shy in kindergarten that I didn’t talk to anyone all year. The comments on my report card expressed concern. For most of my childhood it wasn’t unusual for me to change my course, like taking a detour around the back of a building, to avoid being seen by another person. Being seen hurt. Continue reading “labeling experience as disease”