The School Choice Misnomer

I wrote this quite a while ago, but the topic of school choice is bound to come up a lot now that Trump is president, so I hit the Publish button. This topic of popular discussion, School Choice, is misnamed. People discussing school choice are usually discussing nothing more than a change in limitations, a redefining of the mandated options, not free choice.
Some number of years ago (my way of saying my memory is shot and I have absolutely no ability to judge time anymore) I listened to research showing that children self-regulate their diets when they’re consistently offered a variety of foods and allowed to eat only what they want. A lot of anxiety over food is created by interfering with that self regulation and trying to control what children eat. The concept of school choice is kind of like giving the child who continually balks at the overcooked broccoli in front of them a chance to choose steamed cabbage and forcing them to eat one or the other. Meanwhile, some kid on the other side of the tracks gets to choose between cherry tomatoes and buttered peas. They both have a choice, so what’s the problem? Continue reading “The School Choice Misnomer”