Forced or Free?

The school year is underway, so I’ve lost control of my life again.

Okay, I know I have ultimate control of my own life, and that gratitude is essential to happiness, and aren’t we so lucky to have such a good education system…  But the truth is that school is a hulking, behemoth of a bully dressed up like a fairy godmother. It takes over our lives. I have tried to navigate it with grace, but – I’m just not that graceful. I hate school. Admitting this in today’s world is a bit like adding my name to a government list of subversives. Fortunately, I have only one teenager still in school right now, and for his sake and mine I’m still trying to ride this monster to some constructive end, even if I can’t do it gracefully. But it is not a very responsive beast. Continue reading “Forced or Free?”